Dmc thread list

Many patterns, kits, books, or magazine projects list the particular brand or type of embroidery thread or embroidery floss used in the featured project. This is most commonly the designer's favorite or the brand that is most common in the area. Sometimes projects are even presented by thread companies. If you prefer to use a different brand of thread rather than the one recommended in a project, a conversion chart will help you find the corresponding color numbers for threads produced by other manufacturers.

This is helpful when you enjoy working with a particular type of floss, are looking for a more cost-effective thread, or you are unable to locate a particular brand. Most of the conversions are done by independent stores or websites and not officially published by the manufacturers. And while you could try to compare colors based on photos, it's hard to be accurate.

Color charts are typically made by comparing actual skeins or spools, saving you time and potential error. DMC's color cards aren't so much a conversion chart as they are a great reference, tool. They are available in two versions. The most common that you'll find is a printed card showing all of the colors, but if you order from its website, it also offers a version with actual thread samples for more accurate color matching. Both versions have a chart next to each color showing which of its products stranded floss and Perle cotton in multiple sizes are available in different colors.

Lecien, a Japanese company known for its fabric, makes Cosmo embroidery floss, which is a thread that many embroiderers love for its smoothness and slightly matte finish. Aurifil is still new to embroidery floss, but its Aurifloss packaged on wooden spools is quickly becoming popular with stitchers and quilters alike.

This website features thread conversion charts for kit projects as well as individual manufacturers. The charts are interactive, so you can type in what you're searching for. Yarn Tree. Anchor embroidery floss is a brand of embroidery thread that has been around for many years.

YarnTree offers online and downloadable PDF versions of the following conversion charts for handy reference:. Colonial Needle Company, the U. It also has an online conversion system that lets you search by typing in a Sullivans or DMC number, or you can search visually by color.DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss, made from long staple cotton and double mercerized for a brilliant sheen, is the most recommended floss in the world.

This premium thread is made up of six size 25 easily separated strands, which allows you to customize the thickness of the thread by choosing the number of strands. Red 42 colors. Orange 21 colors. Yellow 26 colors. Muted Green 29 colors. Green 65 colors. Teal 23 colors. Blue 66 colors. Purple 38 colors. Pink 64 colors. Brown 64 colors. Mixed 17 colors. Dark 23 colors. Light 28 colors. Be sure to pay attention to the washing instructions on the fabric on which the thread was embroidered.

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Contact us if you need our help. Read more Read less. To separate the floss's strands, take your skein and find the tail that sticks out.

Pull the tail out from the skein slowly until you have an 18" length of floss and cut it off. If you'd like to separate the thread into individual strands, pull one strand up and out slowly until it's fully separated from the others.

It is the BEST! Thank You so much! I love DMC and I am loyal. I do want to try the single thread DMC.

dmc thread list

What a life saver. Don't have store near by to purchase so great to be able to order and have shipped direct to house. Threads are great quality.

dmc thread list

Thanks for everything.Each thread is made up of six individual strands, which allows you to customize the thickness of the floss by choosing the number of strands. The DMC Colour Chart provides a comprehensive list and display of all the available colour variations.

This ensures the perfect match when choosing colours. The colours you find on Internet and printed colour cards just are not accurate enough. You never really know if the picture is a perfect match for the thread.

In turn, you wonder if the thread you buy will really match your canvas. Check with us to see if we have stock or place an order and have it delivered to your door. The Price is R VAT and delivery is R These are all of the DMC threads color charts, with codes for You can click on button below to begin the download. We have also included a button to download a handy Excel Spreadsheet where you can keep track of your current DMC thread inventory.

Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Thread cards also include the washing instructions for the different thread families. Contact us today to place your order. As always — happy needle working!! From the Needle Woman Team……. Diamond Painting Kits.Sign In. Cross Stitch Floss If you need cross stitch floss you're at the right spot! We have thousands of styles and colors available from the most popular thread manufacturers. Select a manufacturer and we'll display the available styles. Anchor Cotton Floss.

Kreinik Metallics.

Discontinued DMC Colors & Their Replacements – Chart

Weeks Dye Works. Gentle Art Sampler. Crescent Colors. Caron Collection. Glissen Gloss. You can click on the specific manufacturer to get detailed information regarding each floss type.

DMC Light Effects. DMC Floss Packs.

DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

Kreinik Very Fine Braid 4. Kreinik Fine Braid 8. Kreinik Tapestry Braid Kreinik Medium Braid Kreinik Heavy Braid Caron Collection Caron Collection Watercolours. Caron Collection Waterlilies. Glissen Gloss Colorwash Silk. With over years in business, DMC is the most recommended thread in the world.

We carry multiple styles of DMC. Check them out today!!! Most Popular. Available in solid colors. The 18 variegated cotton threads.Thank you so very much! My old one had writing all over it, and you know we cross stitchers—we like things neat and tidy!!!!! Thank you again for your time and trouble.

I really like the general layout of this and how the sections are labeled and all. Thank you for doing this for us all. Thank you! It boggles my mind that DMC stopped making a full shopping list available! I really appreciate having an updated one. Thank you so much! For those having trouble printing, just click the image of the list and it opens up the pdf version. At least it did for me. Thanks again, my last chart literally fell apart and I had to add the new colors on the back.

This is wonderful :. How do I print this? I would love to have this if you are willing to share. Been embroidering and cross stitch for over 29 years. Some of my old patterns have numbers but am unable to find these in stores now. Do you have a chart that will convert these numbers to some that are used today.

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dmc thread list

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Chris on May 3, How do I print this? Betty French on May 3, Been embroidering and cross stitch for over 29 years. Angie C.Cross Stitch Patterns Complete Selection. Cross Stitch Patterns by Designer.

Cross Stitch Kits Complete Selection. Cross Stitch Kits by Designer. Rainbow Gallery Wisper Thread. Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid. Classic Colorworks Cotton Floss. Kreinik Very Fine 4 Braid. Needlepoint Inc. NPI Silk. Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors. Cross Stitch Fabric Complete Selection. Cross Stitch Fabric by Designer. Cross Stitch Fabric by Fabric Type. Cross Stitch Fabric by Fabric Count. Quilting Fabric Complete Selection. Quilting Fabric by Theme.

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dmc thread list

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Cross Stitch Patterns Needlecraft Accessories Organizers and Storage 2. Jim Shore Beaded Kits. Mill Hill Beaded Kits.This is the full DMC threads color shade chart, with codes attached.

Please feel free to use! You can click the color chart for a larger view you can download too! Looking for a way to keep track of your DMC threads? We have you covered, with our DMC thread spreadsheet.

Using metallic thread for cross stitch and hand embroidery easily: DMC Light Effects

Looking for dmc color chart. With numbers and what the color is. I need it to show my grandkids the color and the number. Hi Sonya, If you click the images on this page you should be able to see a very large image with the colors and numbers.

I would suggest just buy one of every color yourself which is often cheaper. I hope that helps! Planet Earth Silk Road fibers are hand dyed and so the color can vary. I disagree about the DMC dye lots. Is it worth getting all the DMC colours? Do they have different dye lots? My online searches give different answers so I am confused. In reality, shops keep threads in strong store lighting that bleaches the color out of them over time.

In addition, keep your own threads in a draw or similar. DMC does an excellent job with their dyes, so generally you do not have to worry about dye lots. Is there a way that we could get a list of these colors in numerical order? I love the color chart but I also like having them in numerical because it makes them easier to sort through and organize.

DMC released 16 new colors in Those colors are not included in the color card shown above. Those threads are officially discontinued now, in fact they were discontinued in a few months after launch so are not part of the full range.

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You might be able to pick up those colors in the US the only place they launched them but there were made in and can discolor over time. I have both of those threads that have been discontinued and I live in Australia.

I do a lot of cross stitch and I had a pattern that needed one of those colours. I own every single cross stitch colour at present. Your email address will not be published.

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